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Workshops and Classes: iSkills: Working with sensitive research data in the Sciences and Medical Sciences

Details and booking

Bodleian iSkills: Working with sensitive research data in the Sciences and Medical Sciences

A workshop outlining some of the key principles to bear in mind when working with sensitive or restricted research, whether collected yourself or obtained from a third party source such as an NHS trust or Biobank data. Issues of confidentiality, informed consent, cybersecurity and data management will be covered. Examples of scenarios or concerns drawn from the research of participants are particularly welcome. The role of support services at Oxford will also be outlined and in particular the role of the Bodleian Data Librarian who will lead the session. Follow up consultations with the Data librarian or other subject consultants are also offered.

Objectives - by the end of the session you will:

  • Understand key best practice principles when working with sensitive or restricted research data
  • Understand issues around creating original data in the Sciences and Medical Sciences
  • Develop a better understanding of informed consent agreements
  • Consider developments in electronic lab notebook services
  • Review issues of usage potential and reproducibility in your subject
  • Consider the strengths and weaknesses of anonymization, data blurring and similar techniques
  • Understand key strategies for protecting data including encryption, embargoes, future vetting and access restrictions
  • Better understand the obligation put on researchers by legislation and research partners

Intended Audience: All DPhil students and research staff in the Sciences and Medical Sciences

Dates and booking

Next date TBA > Booking closed

Notice of recording

Each live online training session will be recorded for accessibility and inclusivity reasons, and will be shared with all attendees after the session. It may also be put onto Canvas (Oxford University’s virtual learning environment) to enable other Oxford University members with SSO to view it.

You can find a live recording of key elements of this workshop at Single Sign On is required to view the live recording.

More information


Presenters:  John Southall and Cathy Scutt

Format:  Online teacher-led presentation with opportunity for interactive discussion

What you will need:  You will need to provide your own computer with a browser (must be Chrome or Edge) or the Microsoft Teams desktop app installed.  Please read our guidance notes below on using Teams.  You will need a speaker and microphone for listening and speaking. You need to be online with a reliable internet connection.

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