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Workshops and Classes: iSkills: Google for Academic Research

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Bodleian iSkills: Google for Academic Research

Google is often dismissed as being irrelevant to the academic literature search. However, changes to the nature of the dissemination of scholarly research and official information in recent years mean that a wealth of relevant information can be accessed via standard Internet search engines such as Google. Too often however such information is lost amongst thousands of irrelevant, spurious and misleading results.
Based on an understanding of how the Google search engine works this practical workshop will show you the basic techniques to quickly filter your results for high quality academic material.
A couple of other search engines will be considered briefly, including DuckDuckGo which has become a popular alternative to Google in the light of concerns about the privacy costs of a ‘free’ search within search engines such as Google or Bing.

Objectives. By the end of the session you will:

  • Be able to find high quality academic material using Google
  • Understand how Google works
  • Use alternative search engines including DuckDuckGo.

Intended Audience:  All DPhils and Research Students in the Social Sciences

Dates and booking

Not running in Trinity Term 2020 > Booking closed


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Presenters:  Tom Dale and Cathy Scutt

Format:  Pre-recorded Panopto video; followed by interactive Teams session with practical exercises

What you will need? You will need to provide your own computer with a browser (must be Chrome or Edge) or the Microsoft Teams desktop app installed.  Please read our guidance notes below on using Teams.  You will need a speaker and microphone for listening and speaking. You need to be online with a reliable internet connection.