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History, American: Online Resources

Online Resources

There are a wide range of online resources which may be useful to your studies.

You can find all our suggested freely available online resources via the VHL Diigo page. 

Resources for published documents (reports, monographs, pamphlets, etc.)

Resources for archival and personal documents (diaries, correspondence, etc.)

The Library of Congress holds the records of several key historical individuals, or collections or oral transcripts of individuals from a specific historical period (such as narratives of people who worked in the American Diplomatic service, or Americans who experienced the 1930's Great Depression).  It is worth checking the Library of Congress page directly (see direct link in the box on the right).

Government and Political history

See our guide on US Government publications for more information. 


Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, the main research arm of the U.S. Congress, and the home of the U.S. Copyright Office. The LOC continues to digitise material, especially materials considered of national importance. Key political and social figures may have their papers digitised by the Library of Congress, alongside some papers from executive branches and organisations, and archived webpages of government websites. 

Newspaper and periodical collections