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History, American: 1789-1861

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US Studies Resources at Oxford blog

This blog is designed to help students and researchers using the US Studies collections held at the Vere Harmsworth Library, as well as to highlight the variety of resources that are available both in Oxford and more widely. Posts cover tips on using specific resources as well as guidance on resources available for specific subject areas.

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Primary Sources: Books

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Primary Sources: Documents and Papers

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Presidential Papers

Published presidential papers are available for each of the Presidents of the US. Those will usually be public papers. Please search SOLO for precise holdings and locations for individual presidents.

Private papers are not usually published, but are held in the relevant Presidential library or other archives

Official Papers, Government Publications

See the separate US Government Publications guide for more detail.

Newspapers and magazines

Statistics, Censuses

Early census reports are included in the US Congressional Serial Set (see under Government Publications)

Biographical sources

Free web resources

These are the latest sites saved by the VHL on our Diigo page.

Visit or click on 'view website' for more.

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