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US Government Publications: Legislative/Congressional

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The Bodleian Law Library has a large collection of materials relating to US Law.  Please see the US legal resources guide for more infomation on legal resources available in Oxford.

Finding Congressional Committee Hearings

In addition to the online collection of hearings from 1824-1979, the VHL has a large collection of printed reports from Congressional committee hearings from the mid 20th century, many of which are not catalogued on SOLO. They are in the stack arranged by their Government SuDoc reference number (beginning with a Y), so if you find a document you would like to look at, please put in a request quoting this number and we will look to see if we have it. You can find SuDoc reference numbers from the Indexes (1833-1969 in the VHL reference section, 1976- online). Please note however that the collection is not comprehensive so we cannot guarantee to have the report you are looking for.

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