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Online Tutorials and External Training


For those working and studying in the medical sciences, there are many online and external sources to help you learn new skills at your own pace. Whether you enjoy watching videos, working through e-learning modules, listening to podcasts, or completing quizzes and tests, there is something here for you. We have included a range of links and will add to these as new resources become available. If you find something useful, let us know and we will share it here.


Many of the database providers have helpful online tools, videos and webinars you can use to improve your knowledge and skills for each database

Research Skills

Evidence Based Medicine

Talks and tools from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine toolkit from BMJ Best Practice

Evidence based medicine tutorial from Duke University

Open Access

Get help with Open Access by looking at our tools and training pages on the Open Access Oxford website


Keeping Up To Date

We have a LibGuide to help you  keep up to date. You can keep up to date by a number of methods including:

Reference Management

Managing your references is important and you can do this by using one of the many reference management software tools. Help is available from the providers:

Library service

Find out how to access and use the library services with our range of online guides