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Coronavirus (COVIS-19) measures

Please follow these measures in order to keep everyone safe in the library: 

Entrance and exit 

Following a one-way system, the new library entrance is located by the MGA corridor. Please use sanitiser by the door before entering the building. Exit is via the lobby area, through the security gates.

Opening hours

The library will be open 24/7 and will close for cleaning every day Monday to Friday 7-9am and 3-4pm, and at weekends 8am-10am and 2-3pm. 

Face mask, social distancing and sanitiser 

Face masks are required in any shared indoors space around college and this includes the library. Please make sure to wear your face mask at all times in the library, as well as keeping 2m safe distance. 

You will find hand sanitisers by the entrance and exit doors, as well as cleaning products with writing instructions in all reading rooms, by the printer/photocopier/scanner and the self-issue machine. Please use them and follow cleaning protocols in place. 

Book circulation and quarantine

If you are returning books only, please use the book return bin outside the library, by the old telephone booth station. Any returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being processed and re-shelved.

Also, any books handled by students will be quarantined for 72 hours before re-shelving. Please use return book boxes or trolleys indicated around the library to leave books that you've consulted or handled during your visit in the library. 

If you don't feel comfortable or can't come to the library for any reasons but need to access library materials, please don't hesitate to email us and we'll be happy to help. We can fetch items for you and leave them in your pidge or send them directly to your address if you live outside college. 

Study space 

Study spaces in the library are limited to 10 individual desks dispersed around the reading rooms. Please note that no group study tables or desks too close to bookshelves will be available. There is no bookings required for individual desks but please be considerate and only use them up to a maximum of 3 hours. Please make sure that you clean your desk before and after use with cleaning supplies provided. Remember to take your belongings with you and return all books that have been used in one of the book return boxes, or borrow them via the self-issue machine.  

Use of computers and study aids 

Only one library PC is available to use in the lobby area. Please follow cleaning protocols before and after use, and when possible, bring your own laptop. All study aids have been removed. If you have any requirements and would like to use them, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 


Opening hours and contact us

The library is accessible 24 hours a day.  The library office is open Monday-Friday, 09:00-12:30 and 13:00-17:00. Please come and say hello – we are always happy to help you! 

Our phone number is 00 44 (0)1865 274938 and you can email us via

Your library team:

Nora Khayi (College Librarian)


Holly Dowse (Assistant Librarian)


Amy Douglas (Library Assistant)

Thesis binding

Do you have a thesis or project that needs to be bound before submission?  At the library we offer a binding service that uses plastic covers and a glued spine, and can accommodate 10-75 pages.  

It costs £4 per item and the charge is added to your battels.  Please allow a half-day for library staff to do your binding.


Access to the college library

The library is for the use of current students and staff of St Hugh’s College only.  This means that you may not allow members of other colleges into St Hugh’s College Library.

External readers (anyone who is not a current student or member of staff of the college) may be admitted by appointment. External readers wishing to make a visit must email the library at least a week in advance to arrange an appointment. 

Behaviour in the library and care of its resources

You may bring bottled water into the library. No other drinks or food may be brought into the library.

Please keep your mobile phone on silent mode in the library, and step outside the library if you need to make or receive a call.  If you would like to use headphones, please keep the volume low so that other readers are not disturbed.

When you have finished working in the library, clear your desk space and take your personal belongings with you.  Put books on the trolley to be re-shelved, and if you have borrowed any of the books, return them via the book return bin.  Desk spaces may not be reserved and any personal belongings left unattended will be removed.  

Library books and resources are for the use of all College members. Please do not mark or deface any items.

Library alarm

If your actions cause the alarm to go off, you must report immediately to the Library Office; or, if the Office is closed, complete a form in the Alarm Trigger Log (blue folder) which you can find just outside the Library Office.  If you trigger the alarm and fail to report it, you will be fined £50. 

Finding books in the library

Books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal Classification System.  If a book is marked ‘stack’ on the catalogue, please ask a member of the library staff to fetch it for you from the stack.

If you would like to know what type of materials we keep in the library, please refer to our Collection Management Policy.

Suggest a book for purchase

If you are a current member of St Hugh’s College and would like to recommend an item for purchase, please complete the Book Suggestion Form.

Study spaces

There are different kinds of study space in the library: lobby (group work and discussion), main reading rooms (quiet), silent reading room (silent - no laptops or headphones). Stack 4 can accommodate students for group work or individual quiet study. It is available between 9:00 and 22:00 and can be booked with the library staff or with the lodge after 17:00

Use of computers in the library

Six reader PCs are available in the library: 4 in the lobby, 1 in the Upper Reading Room and 1 in the Law Library.  You may send items to the library printer from any of these computers.

WiFi internet access is available in the library.  You are welcome to use your laptop in any part of the library except the Silent Reading Room on the upper floor.

If you wish to plug your laptop in to the mains, you must do so in a way that does not leave the cable trailing across the floor, as this creates a trip hazard.  Reader seats with sockets can be found in the Upper Reading Room, the Fulford Room, Science Reading Room and East Room.

Study aids

A range of study aids are available to help improve your library experience:

  • noise-cancelling headphones;
  • laptop stands;
  • book stands;
  • wrist rests;
  • magnifiers;
  • support cushions;
  • and blankets. 

You can find them in the baskets in the lobby and the Upper Reading Room. Please return these items to the baskets before you leave the library. Contact us if you have any other requests.