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St Antony's College Library: Home

Purpose of this guide

This guide is primarily intended for students and researchers at St Antony's who seek detailed information about the College's Library. It may also be useful to external readers. Use this guide to find out about the Library's collections, services and staff support.

If you would like to see additional information on this site, please let us know!

St Antony's College (

The St Antony's College coat of arms.



A photograph of the College Librarian.

Aimee Burlakova

+44 (0)1865 274480

Library Assistant:



A photograph of the Library entrance area.

St Antony's College Library is one of five libraries on site. It holds over 50,000 books to support subjects studied by its members.

A photograph of the Main Reading Room.

Main Reading Room

A photograph of the circular space called the Apse, at the back of the Main Reading Room.

Main Reading Room (Apse)

A photograph of the book stacks on a sunny day.

Book stacks

A photograph of students working in the Gulbenkian Reading Room.

Gulbenkian Reading Room


Opening hours

This Library is usually open to members 24/7.

However, some areas may be closed (and staff will be unavailable) during the Christmas/New Year period and for a short part of the summer vacation. Further details will be provided here when appropriate.

New books

A flavour of the content of the College Library!