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St Anne's College Library: Using the Library

Library Rules

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♦ Only members and associates of St Anne’s College may use the Libraries. Books may not be borrowed by or for people who are not members of the College.

♦ Please don't write or highlight in Library books. Any defacement, damage, or loss of a book while on loan is the responsibility of the person who borrowed it, and may lead to a charge for replacement.

♦ Bags containing food/drink, shopping, clothing, or sports equipment should not be taken into the Libraries. In Hartland House Library these can be left in the cubby holes provided at the main entrance.

♦ Smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden in the Libraries, including on the roof garden and in the sunken garden. 

♦ Eating is only permitted outside in the garden areas and only bottled water and hot drinks in Keep Cups are allowed in the Libraries.

♦ Please be respectful of those working around you. Mobile phones should be switched to silent. If you are making/taking a phone call you must leave the Library completely.

Readers with Disabilities

We are happy to discuss ways in which we can help you make use of the libraries more easily. We also have some assistive equipment you can borrow. If you have a problem/suggestion or would like more info please contact the Reader Services Librarian, Duncan.

picture of telephone  01865 274812

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Binding Service

We offer both comb binding and thermal binding for a variety of different sized documents. It costs £2.50 per copy which should be paid in cash on the day. We ask that you arrange an appointment in advance either in person at the staff desk or by e-mailing us at

Please note this service is for College Members only.

Keeping the Reading Rooms Tidy

We will clear tables each morning to ensure that there are places for students to work and that books not in use can be collected and re-shelved. If you would like to leave your work at a desk in Hartland House Library (anywhere except the desks outlined below) or on the Lower Ground Floor of the Tim Gardam Building, you must leave a “please leave” note with your name and the current date on top of your tidy pile of books and papers. The date must be kept current if you are working in the library over several days.


During Trinity we will also ask you to write the time you are expecting to return to the desk. This means that someone else can work there while you are away if space is at a premium during exam time.


In Hartland House Library the nearest two tables in the main ground floor and 1st floor reading rooms, and desks/comfy chairs on the Ground and First Floor of the Tim Gardam Building will be completely cleared every weekday morning in order to ensure that some clear places are always available. Therefore, you cannot use "please leave" notes here.

Library PCs and WiFi

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There are 2 PCs located in the Main Entrance area of Hartland House Library, another 2 PCs on the landing at the top of the stairs and a further 16 PCs on the Ground Floor of the Tim Gardam Building. To log on use your Single Sign On (SSO) username e.g. Sann1234 and password.

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Eduroam and OWL WiFi networks can also be accessed throughout the Library. For instructions on how to set up a WiFi connection please see the University's WiFi guide.

Warning sign

Library PCs will automatically log out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Therefore remember to save your work periodically. Also remember to log off once you have finished. If you don't other people could print on your account and you will be charged.


For details about photocopying, printing and scanning please visit this page.

Book a Group Study Room

If you want somewhere to work as a group you can book one of the group study rooms on the first floor of the Tim Gardam Building!

E-mail to book a room 24 hours in advance (or on Friday for the following Monday) and you will receive an e-mail back to confirm your booking.

There will be notice in each room that will tell you when the room has been booked but if no one is using it you are free to work there. As the group study rooms also contain Library books anyone who needs to retrieve a book has the right to do so even if the room has been booked.