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St Anne's College Library: Printing, Copying & Scanning


We have a 'multifunctional device' in the entrance area of Hartland House Library & on the ground floor of the New Library. These print, photocopy and scan. You can send jobs to the printers from any of the PCs in both libraries.

Select 'Follow-Me' as your printer.

picture of print button

Make sure the properties are set as you want them. It usually defaults to double-sided (duplex) so if you want to change this to single-sided you will need to go into the printer properties underneath the box where you have selected 'Follow-Me' as your printer. N.B. there is sometimes a short delay before the printer properties box opens up!

picture of printer properties options

Once you've made your changes click on the ok button to exit the printer properties box.

Now press Print in the software that you have the document open in.

Your print job will now be in a queue and you will need to swipe your Bod card on either of the printers and press the screen to release it.


To print in colour you will need to select the printer properties under the 'Follow-Me' printer option. N.B. this box can take a little while to load!

picture of printer selection

Once this is open you can select the 'full color' option.

picture of printing colour option

Click ok to exit the printer properties and then press print to send it to the printing queue.

Go to one of the printers, swipe your Bod card and press your print job to release it.


exclamation mark  Colour printing is significantly more expensive than black & white printing. If you've only got a few pages that have colour on them we recommend you print them separately using the print page range option and print the rest in black & white.

The larger printer on the left can staple and/or hole punch your document if you set it to do so before you send it to print.

Go to the printer properties underneath the 'Follow-Me' printer option.

picture of printer option box

Go to the Finishing tab on the left and you will see there are options for Staple and Punch.

screen shot of staple punch options

Once you have made your selections click ok to close the printer properties box and then click on Print to send your document to the printing queue.

Swipe your Bod card on the printer and select your document on the screen to release it.


Loading ...


You can photocopy on both machines in the Library entrance area in Hartland House and the machine on the ground floor of the New Library. First swipe your Bod card to log on and then press 'use copier/device functions' to get into photocopier mode.

If you're photocopying several loose pages of paper the quickest way to copy them is to place them face up in the document feeder on the top of the machine. If the originals are double-sided you will need to press the 2-sided >>2-sided option on the screen before you press the big green start button.

If you're photocopying several pages of a book you can set it so that it scans all the pages first and then prints the document at the end. To do this go to the Advanced Setup tab on the bottom of the screen and on the second page of options you will find an option to turn Continuous Scan on. Once this is on you can scan each page of the book and when you press Finish the machine will print all the pages together.

If you need help figuring out the right settings you need come and ask a member of Library staff.



There are 2 ways to scan to e-mail from both of our machines:


  • Swipe your Bod card & press 'Use copier functions' on screen. Now press the big silver button with a house on it.
  • Press the Mail2Me icon and you should see your College e-mail address already saved - you can't change this.
  • You can go ahead and scan by pressing the green start button or change the settings by pressing the cog in the top right corner.


  • Swipe your Bod card & press 'Use copier functions' on screen. Now press the big silver button with a house on it.
  • Press the Send icon and input your e-mail address.
  • Start scanning straight away by pressing the green start button or change the settings on the Quick Setup or Advanced Setup tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  • Swipe on to either machine in the Library entrance area with your Bod card. Press 'Use Copier Functions' then insert your USB on the right hand side of the screen on the larger machine or the front on the smaller machine.
  • Your USB should automatically be recognised. If it is not press the big silver home button and and then the Removable Memory icon.
  • Press Yes to display files. You have the option to save your scanned document into a folder but we recommend that you save it generally to your USB first and then move it to a folder later.
  • Press Store File and place the originals inside the machine. If you're doing multiple loose sheets of paper you can put your pile face up in the feeder on top (if they are double sided you will need to press the 2 sided >> 2 sided option before hitting the start button).

We recommend using the photocopying/printing machines to scan as they are much faster and produce high quality images. However we also have some older flatbed scanners connected to various Library PCs. The instructions for each scanner should be on the wall nearby. If you need help using these come and ask us!

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Printing & Photocopying Costs

Printing and photocopying charges automatically get put on your battels - you don't need to deposit money into an account (N.B. we don't use PCAS in our Library).

When you log on to a Library PC you will see a little green box in the top right corner of the desktop. This will tell you how much you've spent on printing and/or photocopying.


Scanning is free!

Quick Printing for Essays

                                  picture of e-mail

Need to print your essay in a hurry?

You can e-mail your document from your laptop, tablet or phone to and then swipe on to one of the printers with your Bod card to release it in a matter of minutes!

Be aware:

  • Documents have to be in PDF format
  • They must be sent from your College e-mail account (other addresses will be rejected)
  • Your document will be printed in black & white and double-sided (you can't change these settings)

N.B. There may be a few minutes delay between e-mailing your document and it appearing on the printer.

If You Get A New Bod Card...

When you swipe your card on the printer/photocopier does it ask you for a username and password?

This usually happens when you have a new Bod card that hasn't been registered with St Anne's I.T. department.

picture of bod card

Your Bod card is connected to your Papercut account, which is where your printing and photocopying charges are logged to be charged on your battels at the end of term.

If you get a new Bod card you are usually issued with a new 7 digit number above the barcode. St Anne's I.T. will need to know this new number to connect your Papercut account to your Bod card.

E-mail with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The 7 digit number above the barcode e.g. 2804772
  • Your SANN number e.g. SANN1234