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St Anne's College Library: Finding E-Resources

Understanding E-Resources

Online Journal Articles

  Articles are short focused academic essays written by experts in their field.  They usually have a much narrower focus than an academic monograph (book).  Nearly all journal articles are now published online.

Pearce, J. The unfolding of the historical style in modern cosmology: Emergence, evolution, entrenchment, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 57, pp.17-34.

Author Pearce, J.
Article Title The unfolding of the historical style in modern cosmology: Emergence, evolution, entrenchment
Journal Title Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
Journal Issue 57
Page Range pp.17-34

To find this article online (on SOLO), you would normally only need to search for the 'Article Title'.  If it isn't available online, you'd need to look for the 'Journal Title' instead.


  Many books are published both in print and as e-books.  If they are available in either format they will be listed on SOLO.

Sometimes you can find an e-book chapter just by searching for its title, but its generally best to search for the title of the book.

E-Resources on SOLO

E-books and electronic articles show up on SOLO with [electronic resource] next to the title.  If you see a record which says that multiple versions exist, click it and you will normally be able to find out about physical books and e-books. 

Multiple versions of a book

Click on a green ’online access link’ and you’ll be taken to a publisher’s website for access.  If you haven’t signed in to SOLO, this won’t work!

Records with the orange dot can only be viewed on Bodleian Libraries PCs.
E-book results screen

Sign In

It's important to sign in to SOLO if you want to access any e-resources.  If you don't do this, you'll be confronted with a 'paywall' when you get to an external website and won't be able to access the material you are trying to read.

button on SOLO

Find the Sign In button in the top right of SOLO.

Discovering Databases

Academic databases can be very varied.  Some contain articles, like The Times Digital Archive, which holds back issues of The Times newspaper.  Others have abstracts, statistical data, images, maps, audio files, videos or a mixture of any of these.

It can be difficult to find an appropriate database unless you know what you are looking for.

Use the Database A-Z page to find a relevant database to your topic.

Databases search screen

Internet Archive

Internet Archive logo

Can't find an e-book or get access to a print copy?

You might be able to find an edition of it available to read on Internet Archive.

There are millions of online text books to view.  You just need to register a free account to access them.