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St Anne's College Library: How to Borrow, Return & Renew

Borrowing Quick Facts

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You can borrow up to 999 books!


Watch out for books with orange 'Confined to the Library' labels - you can't take these out unless they say they are only confined for a particular term or the Long Vac.

You can't take out journals/magazines e.g. The Economist.


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The loan period is either the whole term or the whole vacation, unless someone else recalls an item you have out.


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Overdue books incur a fine of 50p each that gets charged to your battels. If you don't return a book on your record you may be charged replacement costs.

How to Borrow & Return Items

To Borrow:

To Return:

Tim Gardam Building - Please return books with shelfmarks 000-600s (except 340s Law) & Stack in the book returns box in the reception area.

Hartland House Library - Please return books with shelfmarks 700-900s, 340s (Law), TE, TR, Jenkins & MR to the Librarian on duty or leave them neatly on the staff desk and we will check them in for you when we are next around.

Renewing a Book

To see what books you have out on loan and to renew them log on to your SOLO account (top right corner of SOLO web page) with your Single Sign On (SSO).

Tick your books and click 'renew'. Make sure all the titles have a new due date! If the due date hasn't changed it usually means someone else has requested that book so you must return it as soon as possible.

We can also renew books for you at the staff desk. It's helpful if you bring your Bod card but there's no need to bring all your books with you!

Borrowing DVDs

We have a growing collection of DVDs (and a few Blu-rays) located in the corner of the entrance area in Hartland House Library. If you want to borrow any of them you will need to come during staffed hours as the discs are kept separately from the cases!


            You can borrow up to 4 discs...

                    ...for 1 week...

             ...and renew them once...


Overdue DVDs are charged a fine of £1 per day so make sure you return them on time!

Reserving a Book

There is a function on SOLO that lets you place a 'hold' i.e. reservation on a book that is out on loan to someone else. However, we don't recommend using this to request St Anne's books as you will only get the book after the original due date and since we have such long loan periods you could be waiting a long time!

If you come and speak to the librarian on duty we can do an official recall on the system. The original borrower will still be allowed to keep the book for a week but then they must return it.