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Spanish and Latin American Language and Literature: Books

Guide to resources for Hispanic language and literature studies.


The majority of books held by the Bodleian Libraries, in both physical and electronic formats, can be searched for via SOLO. If you are new to Oxford libraries or to SOLO, we recommend visiting the 'Getting Started' and 'How to' guides at the links below.

Physical books

The following tabs list Oxford libraries with physical collections of interest to those studying Spanish. Collections access and borrowing privileges are subject to conditions; please check individual library websites for further information.

For those wishing to learn more about searching for physical collections in Oxford, we recommend the following:

Browsing the collection

All the books in both the Teaching and Research Collections are arranged in classification schemes, with each book having its own shelfmark. The best way of locating a book is to search SOLO and note down the shelfmark, as well as the given location e.g. Teaching Collection.

However, if you prefer to browse the shelves there are a few things to note. Currently there are 2 separate sequences of Spanish books in both the Teaching and  Research Collections:

Old in-house classification:

e.g. SK.ROJ1 - 5CEL - J7 -J8 (La Celestina, Fernando de Rojas) in the Teaching Collection

or  ASH.6013.A.39 for the same title in the Research Collection

New classification - Library of Congress scheme:

e.g.  PQ6426.A1 ROJ 2007  to find the same title again in the Library of Congress sequence

With very few exceptions, all new books go into the Library of Congress classification either in the Teaching Collection or in the main library. For a brief outline of the Library of Congress scheme for Spanish and Latin American literatures, please see the guide below (PDF).

Electronic books (ebooks)

Ebooks are digital manifestations of written works. Broadly speaking they come in two forms: they are either 'born digital' or are digital reproductions of printed books. Many have enhanced functionality, while some have restrictive access and usage terms.

The links below are provided for those wishing to learn more about ebooks, while the following tabs list ebook collections and platforms relevant to to those studying Spanish.

The following is a list of ebook collections which may be applicable to those studying Spanish and Latin American language and literature at Oxford. We recommend visiting Databases A-Z for a full breakdown of eresource packages, including trials and new arrivals, available to Oxford University members.

A selection of reference works useful to those studying Spanish.

A number of eresources, including ebook collections, are freely available online. Some of these are indexed in Databases A-Z and can be identified by the following icon:

A blue globe symbol indicating that a eresource is online and freely available to all.

A selection of other free ebook collections, not listed on Databases A-Z, are also given below.

New books

Interested in the latest titles that have been added to the library? Take a look at our new books in the monthly spreadsheets below. You can use the filters in the spreadsheet to select the subjects you're interested in. Select the subject 'Spanish' if you want to see Spanish, Latin American, Catalan and Galician studies titles only. If you have suggestions for new books, please email me:

Book recommendations & inter-library loans

If the Bodleian Libraries don't have the book you are looking for, you can make a recommendation by completing the form below (Single-Sign On required). Alternatively we may be able to source it through Oxford's inter-library loan service.

Why are some books not available electronically?

There are a number of reasons why the Bodleian Libraries may be unable to provide electronic access to a resource. The Social Science Library have produced a brief, digestible blog post explaining some of these reasons: