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Information about developments in the dissemination and sharing of Oxford research


Open Access Oxford (OAO) is a major initiative at the University of Oxford to support researchers in the dissemination of their publications using channels that are freely available to the reader. The OA programme has been prompted by the requirements of major funding bodies comprising RCUK. ORA forms a central service to enable authors to comply with their funder's publication policy. Information about OAO can be found at the OAO website.

Dissemination channels used by researchers

  • Published articles or monographs
  • Other formal publications
  • Conferences and other events
  • Open access repositories
  • email and other informal methods of communication
  • Blogs, Facebook and other social networking tools
  • Wikis and shared filestores

What is scholarly communications?

Scholarly communications is an umbrella term used to describe the many and various methods that scholars use to disseminate information about and the content of their research. It also encompasses sharing and re-use of research methods and findings.

The mains premises are:

  • Academic exchange plays a fundamental role in the advancement of knowledge
  • Disseminating research makes it available so others can build on existing work
  • Engagement with wider society

See SPARCEurope for more information about scholarly communications


Topics included in scholarly communications

Scholarly communications covers a wide variety of topics which can include:
  1. Use of new fora such as social networking services to disseminate research
  2. Open access to research publications and data
  3. Use of new technologies such as semantic web and linked data to support wider dissemination and re-use
  4. Publication and re-use of research data
  5. New models of peer-review and use of commenting and annotating tools
  6. Bibliometrics including use of access and download logs on the open Web
  7. Use of storage and dissemination services such as institutional and subject repositories
  8. Changes in rights and permissions
  9. Increased digital dissemination of 'grey' unpublished (but none-the-less valuable) literature (such as conference papers and posters, theses, 

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