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Refugee and Forced Migration Studies: Getting started

Subjects: Refugee Studies

Refugee Studies Collections

This LibGuide describes the Refugee Studies collections available at the Bodleian Social Science Library and relevant online resources.

The Library contains the collections of the former Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) Library and houses material supporting the research and teaching of the RSC.
The collections cover the causes, experiences, and consequences of forced displacement and have an international coverage. Reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of the study of forced migration, the Library actively collects materials covering psycho-social issues, human rights, refugee law, relief administration, anthropology, sociology, international affairs, education, health and nutrition.

The Guide for People on the Move: laws & human rights responses provides a wealth of links via the Bodleian Law Library.

See the Guide Official Papers for Refugee Studies for information on the Official Papers held in the Bodleian Law Library and links to many other sources.

Key websites

What do people think about politics?

Audit of Political Engagement from the Hansard Society
An annual survey of public attitudes towards politics in Great Britain, conducted by Ipsos MORI..
A House of Commons library briefing summarises recent research on the topic.
This guide is intended for students and researchers at the University of Oxford seeking support in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.
Use this guide to find out about printed and online resources, including ebooks, ejournals, databases, and special collections for Refugee and FMO Studies.

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