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Managing your references: Mendeley Reference Manager (new Mendeley)

Mendeley Reference Manager and Mendeley Cite

In May 2019 a new version of the citation software was released called Mendeley Reference Manager, which is used to collect and organise citations. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It is compatible with macOS 10.10 and above, Windows 7 and above, and Generic Linux 64 bit (Debian, Ubuntu). See Mendeley's website for up to date compatibility with operating systems:

In May 2019, a new word processor plugin was also released called Mendeley Cite. The original word processor plugin and the new plugin are now compatible, so any citations you inserted into a document using the old word processor plugin can be converted and citations inserted into the same document using the new word processor plugin.

Download Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley Reference Manager is the new version of Mendeley's citation software and the intention is that it will replace the original software, Mendeley Desktop. To use Mendeley Reference Manager, you need to download the software:

You will also need to register and create an Elsevier account. This enables you to store your references online and sync them with your desktop library:

You will need to install the word processor plugin separately. Instructions can be found on the Mendeley website:

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