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Managing your references: Migrating to ProQuest RefWorks (New RefWorks)


Update on Write 'n' Cite Word plugin

Due to changes in Java's licensing, the RefWorks plugin Write 'n' Cite has been uninstalled from reader computers in the Bodleian Libraries. This took effect on Tuesday 16th April 2019 and means that Write 'n' Cite is not available to use on reader computers in the Bodleian Libraries. Please note, this does not affect personal computers; you will still be able to use the Write 'n' Cite plugin on your own device.

If you have any questions about this, please contact

Migrating from Legacy RefWorks to ProQuest RefWorks (New RefWorks)

A new version of RefWorks was launched by the developers, Proquest, in 2016. This version is running alongside the previous version of RefWorks (now referred to as “Legacy RefWorks”) indefinitely. Previous advice was that Legacy RefWorks would be retired and that users should migrate to the new version but this decision has been reversed by the supplier.

The Bodleian Libraries runs workshops on the new version of RefWorks only but will continue to provide support for those using Legacy RefWorks.

If you are using Legacy RefWorks and are interested in using the new version of RefWorks, please be aware that it is currently not possible to edit documents in new RefWorks if they have previously been used in Legacy RefWorks. 

We strongly recommend that those using Legacy RefWorks at Oxford University delay moving to the new version of RefWorks until any documents you are working on are complete.

This is because technical issues mean that it is not possible to edit documents in new RefWorks if they have previously been used with Legacy RefWorks. Attempting to edit documents in both versions can cause documents to become corrupt.

Help with migrating to ProQuest RefWorks

To migrate your references from Legacy RefWorks to ProQuest RefWorks, you will first need to create a ProQuest RefWorks account then migrate your references across. For instructions on how to do this, please consult our FAQs page or contact

What's new in New RefWorks?

New RefWorks has a number of attractive new features including:

  • Option to drag and drop PDFs and other documents into RefWorks which will then retrieve matching bibliographic details
  • New "Save to RefWorks" browser extension which makes it easier to add references to RefWorks from PubMed and other databases without RefWorks "direct export" options and also makes it easy to cite web pages
  • "RefWorks Citation Manager" functionality for Microsoft Word and Google docs
  • Options to add tags to references for greater discoverability

Need help with RefWorks?

Bodleian Libraries workshops

ProQuest RefWorks

Go to iSkills workshops | Bodleian Libraries ( to find any upcoming workshops on RefWorks;

and to Reference management workshop handouts | Bodleian Libraries ( to find supporting handouts, presentations slides and webinar recording

For help with ProQuest RefWorks or questions about migration please consult our FAQs page or email

Legacy RefWorks (old RefWorks)

For help with Legacy RefWorks please email