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Pre-clinical Medicine: Databases

Guide to Oxford University library resources for Pre-clinical Medical Students.

Databases A-Z


What databases do we subscribe to in medicine? Use Databases A-Z to browse our bibliographic databases and other online resources.

Click on the Subject tab and scroll down the list of categories for Medical Sciences.

View groupings for Bibliographic databases, Reference books, e-book collections, and websites.

Medline & the National Library of Medicine

Searching the literature

Research Databases at Oxford

Oxford subscribes to many research databases. They can be accessed through the link Databases A-Z on SOLO home page or search by name in SOLO main search box. Bibliographic databases are essential to find research papers (journal articles), conference proceedings, books and patents on a particular subject or by a particular author. 

If you are on campus you can access most databases & e-journals directly. For off-campus access start at SOLO and log in with your Oxford Single Sign-On.

PubMed doesn't cover every scientific journal. To pick up references from elsewhere it's worth searching other medical sciences databases:

Bioinformatics/Biostatistics Databases

The following databases provide access to data and resources for Bioinformatics. You will find many more Bioinformatics resources under the 'Bioinformatics' tab in this guide.

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