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Pre-clinical Medicine: Getting Started

Guide to Oxford University library resources for Pre-clinical Medical Students.

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E-Books at Oxford

All our e-books are on SOLO. Click here for a list of e-book packages and online reference works currently provided by the Libraries.  

Finding books, journals and more

Oxford's library catalogue is called SOLO.

Use it to find printed and electronic books and journals at Oxford. This includes reference books, textbooks and research monographs for the subjects taught and researched at Oxford. SOLO also lists databases, images, maps, music scores, theses and more.

You can search by Author, Title or Subject and limit it to a particular library such as the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) or the Bodleian Health Care Libraries (BHCL).  

Use the Request option to order items from the Closed Stacks.

To be sure of full access to all our online resources, on the SOLO home page log in with your Oxford Single Sign-On (at top right).

Here's a complete Guide to using SOLO.

Where are the medical books in the Radcliffe Science Library?

QS Human anatomy QV Pharmacology QY Clinical pathology
QT Physiology QW Microbiology & Immunology QZ Pathology
QU Biochemistry QX Parasitology W-WZ Medicine


Here's our full browsing guide for Medicine. The Class Number (shelfmark) indicates books on the subject in the Radcliffe Science Library, downstairs on Level 2. 

New books lists at RSL: selected medical sciences books month by month.

Online Reference sources

OUP e-books

We currently have access to ebooks on Oxford Medicine Online.

Individual titles are listed in SOLO.

Subject Guide

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Karine Barker
Radcliffe Science Library
Parks Road
Website Skype Contact: LibrarianRSL

Radcliffe Science Library

Radcliffe Science Library

Tel. 01865 272800 or email 

New Books at the RSL