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Portuguese and Brazilian Language and Literature: Online resources

Guide to resources for Portuguese and Brazilian language and literature studies.

Online dictionaries

Below is a selection of good quality monolingual and bilingual dictionaries for Portuguese, available online. 

Subject searching

You can use the subject drop-down box (highlighted below) to find a wide range of Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone resources on the Databases A-Z listing. From digital libraries of texts to archival catalogues to bibliographic databases, new resources are being added all the time. You can also search for databases using keywords - all the databases should have a description telling you what they contain. If you find an interesting resource and would like more information or advice, please contact me.

Virtual libraries and online portals

Portals are sites that act as gateways to a variety of information sources on a particular topic. The selection of links below includes library catalogues, as well as sites with collections of digitised books and journals.