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Politics and International Relations: Databases


Bibliographic databases enable you to search for content on a particular subject. Some databases have full-text access to resources while others offer abstracting or indexing services. Our subscription databases can be accessed via SOLO and Databases A-Z. 

The sections below showcase popular databases for politics and international relations. Searching via databases enables you to use various features, such as:

  • Thesaurus searching
  • Specific search functions, including Boolean operators, filters, wildcards, truncation, proximity searches and command line searches.
  • Citation tools and bibliometrics.

Abstracts and indexes

Use the 'Subjects' drop-down in Databases A-Z to browse for the most relevant bibliographic databases for your politics and international relations research. Here is a selection:

Citation searching

For citation searching, i.e. finding out which articles have cited an article or book after publication, try the following:

  • Social Sciences Citation Index
    Part of Web of Science, which uses citations for relevance and article ranking.
    An abstracts and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, mostly scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings.
  • Google Books
    Find articles and books cited within books by searching with the reference in quotation marks.
  • Google Scholar
    Has 'cited by' links but these are not fully reliable.