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Politics and International Relations: Books


Most of the books in the Bodleian Libraries, in both physical and electronic formats, can be found via SOLO. If you are new to Oxford or to SOLO, please visit the 'Getting started' and 'How to' guides at the links below:

  • Getting started guides
    A list of guides providing foundational information on accessing and using the Bodleian Libraries.
  • How to guides
    Information on how to use our key resource discovery tools and library services.

Physical books

  • Bodleian Social Science Library
    The Bodleian Social Science Library (SSL) is the University's main lending library for politics and international relations, supporting departmental reading lists along with new research books and journals and other contemporary works.
  • Weston Library
    The Modern Papers Section of the Weston Library holds a wide range of special collections including the Conservative Party Archive and the papers of key 20th Century political figures.
  • Bodleian Law Library
    This is home to the Official Papers Section, which holds British official papers and publications of international agencies.
  • Nuffield College Library
    This is one of the finest social science research libraries in the UK and reflects the academic interests of the College's research community. The library admits postgraduate students, researchers and staff from across the University of Oxford. 

Politics and international relations are highly interdisciplinary subjects, so a number of other libraries may be of interest:

  • Radcliffe Camera
    This is home to the History Faculty Library (HFL) and linked to the Bodleian Old Library by the underground Gladstone Link.
  • Vere Harmsworth Library
    This library houses the University's principal research collection relating to the politics and history of the United States. It is the largest such academic library collection in the UK.

Specialist libraries of interest include:

  • Japanese Library
    One of the most extensive research collections for Japanese studies in Europe.
  • KB Chen China Centre Library
    The specialist hub library for Chinese studies at the University.
  • Latin American Centre Library
    Supports the study of Latin American politics, economics and history.
  • Middle East Centre Library
    Has unique and specialised holdings on subjects relating to Turkey, Iran, Israel and the Arab countries.
  • Nizami Ganjavi Library
    Previously known as the Oriental Institute Library, its core collections cover the geographical areas of West Asia, North Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia, Tibet and Korea.

Book recommendations & inter-library loans

If we don't have the books you are looking for, you can make a recommendation by completing the form below. Alternatively, we may be able to source it through the inter-library loans service.

  • Recommend a purchase
    If a book you need is not held by the libraries, we can try to source or purchase this for you. We accept recommendations from current University students and staff.
  • Inter-Library Request Form
    Use this form to request books and other material not held by the Bodleian Libraries. Please check Oxford collections on SOLO first. 

Electronic books (ebooks)

Ebooks are either 'born digital' or are digital reproductions of physical books. Many have enhanced functionality, while some have restrictive access and usage terms.

The links below provide more information about ebooks, and the following tabs list ebook collections relevant to politics and international relations.

  • Ebooks guide
    For students and staff using ebooks in the course of their studies and research.
  • Electronic Legal Deposit guide
    For students and researchers at the University of Oxford, or those visiting, who seek support in using the Bodleian Libraries' electronic Legal Deposit collections.
  • Online and remote access
    Information on accessing Bodleian Libraries ebooks and other online resources.

The ebooks we have purchased are available via SOLO, which is the best place to look for individual titles. Here are some highlights:

  • EBSCOhost ebook collection
    Over 2,000 titles have been purchased by Bodleian Libraries and are available here. Each title is also listed on SOLO. Current University members can download up to 5 whole EBSCO ebooks for 24 hours, where this option is available.
  • OECD iLibrary
    Provides comprehensive access to OECD statistical data, books, journals and working papers.
  • Oxford Handbooks Online
    The Political Science collection includes introductions to topics and extensive references for further reading.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
    The Political Science collection includes ebooks on political theory, political economy, international relations, comparative and environmental politics and more.
  • ProQuest Ebook Central
    Thousands of titles have been purchased by Bodleian Libraries and are available here. Each title is also listed on SOLO. Current University members can download a whole ebook for 1 or 14 days, depending on what's been agreed with the publisher.
  • The Annual Register: A Record of World Events
    This classic reference work provides information on the events of the past 250 years, along with a mass of biographical information.
  • Sage Reference
    Authoritative encyclopaedias and handbooks in the social and behavioural sciences.
  • Wiley Online Library
    Provides access to reference works, such as A Companion to American Foreign Relations [Schulzinger] and A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics [Nugent & Vincent].

Why are some books not available electronically?

There are a number of reasons why we may be unable to provide electronic access to books. The Bodleian Social Science Library has produced a blog post explaining some of these reasons: