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Public Information Online (PIO) This database is invaluable for searching current Parliamentary Papers. (Content for both House of Commons and Lords dates from 1919 to present) The UK Parliament website does not offer and advanced search so we recommend you use Public Information Online to search Bills, House and Command papers to include papers of the devolved assemblies. 

(Note the UK Parliamentary Papers database only goes up to the 2003/2004 session)

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Official Papers libguides

UK Parliament and Government collections


The Official Papers extensive print collection situated in the Bodleian Law Library is an incredible primary resource for researchers from all disciplines. The Official Papers collection dates from the 16th century to present day and can boast a Bound Set of parliamentary papers from 1801 to the present day on open shelf.

Collections from the UK Parliament, government and devolved assemblies are a rich and detailed source of information for the historian covering all aspects of the historical record. Topics include: slavery, child labour, health of the nation, foreign policy, economic policy and law.

For the contemporary researcher the papers are a window to UK society today, how it functions, for example, in terms of economics, law, health, politics, science, medical and foreign policy. The researcher can see how evidence is collected and policy and legislation developed.

 This libguide will give you guidance on how to search for parliamentary material. Please note that no academic library has systematically catalogued the parliamentary collections so finding aids need to be used. Staff are always more than happy to give assistance. 

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