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Anthropology: OA Anthro resources

A guide to resources for anthropologists at Oxford.

Open resources

In these challenging times many publishers are making resources open access, regardless of whether the University has a subscripton.  This page highlights anthropology related resources.  More general subject-wide ebook resources are highlighted in this libguide:

Anthropology ebooks and ejournals

Berghahn have made all their ebooks open access via Proquest eBook Central.  Access via SOLO here: .  They have also made all their journals open access via their website here:

Bloomsbury have made their resources open access - links available via Databases A-Z:

An expanded CyberOrient, an official open-access journal of the American Anthropological Association, is now up and ready for surfing. CyberOrient welcomes Anders Ackfeldt at Lund University in Sweden as a new Managing Editor along with Vit Sisler at Charles University. Our renewed website, now has archived all past articles in PDF. Soon we will be available and archived on AnthroSource as well. 

Articles of interest

Films and Visual resources

RAI films: 

If we have purchased a DVD from RAI that you were planning to use for your teaching, they will make this available online for free until the end of this academic year. (Note that this will not be possible for the entire catalogue, but for as many films as they can).

Film of the Month: they will be making one film a month available for free streaming on RAI Player. The films will be accompanied by teaching resources

They will shortly launch a short film collection on the RAI Player – this will remain free until the end of this academic year.

Virtual exhibition space:​ : V21 Artspace use a mixture of innovative laser scanning technology and multimedia including video, 360 video, audio, photography, 360 photography and photogrammetry to capture realtime arts, culture, museums and heritage, exhibitions, galleries, spaces and objects to produce interactive 3D virtual exhibition tours, virtual gallery tours, virtual museum tours and virtual cultural space tours.

Public Anthropology videos



These videos are included in the Teaching and Learning Resources of Perspectives: An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology which is supported by the American Anthropological Association. They are freely availalbe for instructors to use in their classes.


Video Title                               Length

Defining Anthropology - Lecture 1 12:52

Defining Anthropology - Lecture 2 7:02

Historical Trends - Lecture 1 10:33

Historical Trends - Lecture 2 11:23

Historical Trends - Lecture 3 10:54

Historical Trends - Lecture 4 10:26

Political Economy - Lecture 1 9:42

Political Economy - Lecture 2 12:35

Political Economy - Lecture 3 8:48

Political Economy - Lecture 4 8:35

Political Economy - Lecture 5 9:44

Political Economy - Lecture 6 10:24

Ethics - Lecture 1 13:26

Ethics - Lecture 2 16:57

Informants - Lecture 1 18:20

Informants - Lecture 2 15:19

Religion - Lecture 1 15:20

Religion - Lecture 2 14:45

Religion - Lecture 3 12:14

Social Organization - Lecture 1 9:51

Social Organization - Lecture 2 9:33

Social Organization - Lecture 3 11:32 


All rights to these videos are reserved by Dr. Robert Borofsky. The videos are not creative commons licensed and may not be copied, edited, or included in other works without his written permission.