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Research Guide for Mathematics: Books and e-books

Subjects: Mathematics

E-Books and Monographic Series

E-books and e-collections can be accessed via SOLO. Follow 'View Online' link in SOLO record to display an e-book in full-text. Some of the electronic book series and reference materials for Mathematical Sciences are listed below.

Book recommendations

Your recommendations are welcome.

Mathematics Books in the RSL

The RSL provides loanable and reference books, including Reading List materials for undergraduate courses, and many MSc taught courses. You are welcome to recommend a book your find useful using the online form if you require it for your study.

Most of the mathematics and statistics collections of books occupy the following sections in the library within the shelf marks:

QA 1 - 939 Mathematics

QA 273 - 280 Probabilities. Mathematical Statistics

Applied science books, including applied mathematics, statistics can be can also be found in sections for related subject disciplines, such as computer science, engineering and physics.