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Lady Margaret Hall Library: Online Resources

Information about LMH Libray and our collections
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Online resources are available even while the library is closed. This page gives you tips for using electronic content such as e-books and online journals, and links to some core sources of online resources.

If you can’t find an e-book on SOLO, please do contact us. We know other platforms that might hold it, or we could possibly buy it. Not all books are available as academic e-books, and the Bodleian can take several weeks to add them to SOLO, so it’s best to ask as early as possible. Also, as institutional e-book licences are more expensive than regular books, they need to be approved by a LMH tutor or fellow – ask them to send the request to

How do I use online resources?

These links will introduce you to using online resources and give you tips on how to search them. Library staff are available to help members of LMH with any questions - see the box to the right for contact details. We are also offering Library Adviser Sessions by email and Skype, which you can book through the Oxford Study Skills Centre.

E-books LibGuide

The Bodleian's E-books LibGuide has all you need to know about finding, using and citing e-books. To request a new e-book, ask your tutor to email, but be aware that this can take several weeks.

MIT Search Tips

For a quick introduction to improving your search terms, have a look at 'Boolean operators' and 'Truncation' in this guide from MIT Libraries.

EFL Fake News Guide

This page from the English Faculty Library's 'Fake News Guide' has some reminders about 'Evaluating Websites'.

BrowZine LibGuide

The BrowZine LibGuide explains how BrowZine can help you access journal articles. Some items on SOLO are only available on Bodleian computers but BrowZine helps you quickly find the article through another route.

Bodleian iSkills

Handouts from iSkills cover e-books, database searches, SOLO searches, search engines, online news sources, and online resources for different subject areas.

IT Learning Centre

Download instruction sheets from the IT Learning Centre for using bibliographical databases, including recommendations for the most relevant databases in your subject area.

Where can I find online resources?

These links will direct you to resources available through the University libraries and across the internet.


Using SOLO to find e-books and journal articles is similar to using it to find books in the Library. 'Sign In' using your single sign-on. Enter a search as usual, then choose the 'Online Resources' filter on the left of the screen. Choose an e-book or article and follow the green 'Online access' link. If the e-book you need isn't available on SOLO, you can ask your tutor to request it; this can take several weeks so make any requests as early as possible.


BibliU is a platform with lot of e-books on it that aren't listed on SOLO. It's got a wide range of books, and currently lots more are being added. Choose the option to log in through your university, and it'll take you to an Oxford single sign-on page.

De Gruyter

De Gruyter is another platform offering access to some e-books that have not yet been added to SOLO.

Vital Source

Vital Source are offering Oxford University members temporary access to borrow e-books (until the end of June 2020). You will need to register using your university email address. As you can only borrow up to seven free e-books, we recommend that you only use this service for e-books that aren't available through SOLO or BibliU.

e-Journals A-Z

Use e-Journals A-Z to browse online journals by title or subject.


Directory of Open Access Journals is another way to find journals or articles, covering journals that are free to access.

Databases A-Z

Use Databases A-Z to search for databases or browse databases in different subjects. It covers different types of databases including text, images, audio-visual, statistical, and more.


Some of your course materials might be available as scanned book chapters on Oxford Reading Lists Online.


The Oxford University Research Archive gives you access to research by members of the University.

What is available for my subject?

If your subject isn't listed here, try browsing e-Journals A-Z or Databases A-Z by subject. You can also contact the Library for help finding relevant material.

Art, Film and Music

Museums, galleries, film archives and performance venues often have extensive online content - have a look at this list by Will Jennings.


The Oxford Chemistry Primers currently aren't available online via SOLO, but are on BibliU, which can be accessed via your single sign-on.


The English Faculty Library list their Top 10 ways to find online resources for English, from digitised books to recordings of plays.


French-language content in humanities and social sciences is temporarily available to University members through Numérique.


On their blog, the History Faculty Library share tips for locating digital resources, including digitised historical sources.


The Faculty of Law provide advice on finding legal material such as cases, legislation and articles.


Several medical textbooks that are not on SOLO are temporarily available through ClinicalKey. Choose 'Log in via your institution'.

Special Collections

  • Access the Bodleian rare books collection online at Digital Bodleian.
  • A selection from LMH Library and Archives can be found at LMH Objects.

Study Skills and Life Skills

  • Oxford Study Skills Centre provides online resources covering a range of study skills and exam techniques. They also link to external resources on studying and life skills, such as essay writing, dealing with exam stress, and numeracy.
  • The Bodleian Libraries have a collection of self-help e-books that you can access with your single sign-on.
  • BibliU has a selection of study skills books, which can be accessed via your single sign-on.

Contact the Library

LMH Library is open to college members via fob access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LMH Library is open to non-LMH visitors by appointment during staffed hours, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. We are trying to limit external visitors as much as possible, during the pandemic.

Lady Margaret Hall Library
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Telephone: (01865) 274361

James Fishwick (Librarian)

Contact James for appointments to visit the library or to request new books for the library.

(01865) 274361

Sally Hamer (Assistant Librarian)

Contact Sally with any queries or problems, to renew your books, or discuss lost books and lost property.
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Isambard, the Library Kitten

Isambard (Librarian's Cat)

Thanks to the other college libraries who contributed many of the links on this page. As these are external links, the content may change without us realising - let us know if any of the links need updating.