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Linguistics: Dialect atlases

A guide to linguistics collections and e-resources
Subjects: Linguistics

Dialect atlases

The Taylor Institution Library holds a wide range of dialect atlases, covering Germanic, Romance and Slavonic dialect areas. The printed copies are kept in the Graduate Studies Room and are accessible for reference. Atlases include the following titles:

German:   Deutscher Sprachatlas (Wenker, Wrede,MItzka); REDE  (; Bayerischer Sprachatlas (various regional volumes in reading room)  provides access to scholarly digitised and born digital atlases, covering many Germanic dialect areas, including the Netherlands and Friesland.

Romanian: Atlas Linguistique Roumain (ALR)  

French: Atlas Linguistique de la France (ALF)

Italian: Atlante Linguistico Italiano (ALI)

Sprachatlas des Dolomitenladinischen (7 vols)



Kleiner Niederlaendischer Sprachatlas (KNSA) : unter Einschluss des Westfriesischen

Morfologische Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialekten (MAND)

Syntaktische  Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialekten (SAND)

Fonologische Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialekten (FAND)