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LGBTI law: Books

Subjects: Law

Finding commentary

Suggested search terms to use in SOLO include

Homosexuality -- Law and legislation
Gay rights
Equality before the law
Same-sex marriage -- Law and legislation
Gay couples -- Legal status, laws, etc

For works looking at the LGBTI's contribution to law reform and social justice, please see the Queer Theory page in this guide

There is no one area of the library which covers specifically LGBT law, but you may encounter the following shelf marks in the results of searches

KM201-229   Civil rights
KM208.2 Equal opportunities and discrimination in constitutional law
KM544    Homosexuality as a sexual offence
KN152.3    LGBT people as a special class of person in law
KN172.9 Same-sex marriage and civil partnership
KN191       Equal opportunities and discrimination in employment law
KN185    Medical law and ethics


The KM & KN collections include our collections of current English and Welsh law. 

Shelved after the E&W treatment of a topic come any Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, Northern Irish, Scottish, and USA monographs addressing the same issue. These are distinguished by an extra cutter number in their shelf marks - respectively A8, C1, I5, N4, N8, S3,  and U4.

For example: Flagrant Conduct : The Story of Lawrence v. Texas : How a Bedroom Arrest Decriminalized Gay Americans is shelved at KM544.2.U4.CAR 2013

 Internat 570  books can be found on Level 3

Finding your way around the Law Bod.
You are always very welcome to ask librarians for directions once you are here - we are larger than we look, with an open shelf collection spreading over 4 floors.

International Human Rights

The public international law section on Floor 3, contains books on human rights and equality at Internat 570. Books are arranged within the section by author's surname. This collection also includes the European Court of Human Rights materials