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Russian Learner's Resources: Home

This guide aims to help Russian learners find resources available at the Slavonic library or online.

Learning Russian at Oxford

Whether you have studied Russian before coming to university, or have just started, this guide is here to help you discover and locate resources that can help you learn Russian or improve on your skills. In this guide, you will find:

Audio resources
Grammar books
Vocabulary books
Resources for independent learning...
...and more!

Simply click on the title of the resource to obtain more information about it on SOLO.

Finding resources in Oxford

Taylor Bodleian Slavonic and Modern Greek Library

47 Wellington Square

The Slavonic library focuses mainly on the languages and literatures of Eastern Europe. You will find a wide range of books to help you learn Russian in our undergraduate section, located on the ground floor. The resources given in this guide are all available from the Slavonic library.

Language Centre Library

St Gile's

The Language Centre library is home to material aimed at university members studying languages more or less independently, and hosts a section dedicated to Russian that provides users with textbooks, workbooks, language courses, etc. It is also worth checking the information board to find an exchange partner who speaks Russian.

Taylor Institution (Modern Language Faculty Library)

St Gile's

Home to the undergraduate section of the Western European collection, you will be able to find a myriad of Russian films in the MLF. You will need to consult the catalogue in advance and ask for your required film at the issue desk, on the ground floor.

College Library

Your college library is likely to have the main material required for your course. You will find dictionaries and grammar books, but if you are unhappy with the resources on offer, the Slavonic library can provide you with more, although it is worth asking the library to make a few purchases if they can be very helpful.

Using SOLO

There are various methods to transliterate Russian. When using SOLO, you will need to refer to the method chosen by the Library of Congress (LC). Here is a simplified version of it, for more details, please consult the Library of Congress Romanization Tables web page.

Cyrillic Transliteration
А а A a
Б б B b
В в V v
Г г G g
Д д D d
Е е E e
Ё ё

Ë ë

Ж ж Zh zh
З з Z z
И и I i

Й й

Ĭ ĭ
К к K k
Л л L l
М м M m
Н н N n
О о O o
П п P p
Р р R r
С с S s
Т т T t
У у U u
Ф ф F f
Х х Kh kh
Ц ц

Ts ts

Ч ч Ch ch
Ш ш Sh sh
Щ щ Shch shch
Ъ ъ " (hard sign)
Ы ы Y y
Ь ь ' (soft sign)
Э э Ė ė
Ю ю IU iu
Я я IA ia

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