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Legal resources at Oxford University: Law at Oxford

The subject hub for the Bodleian Law Library's online subject & research guides

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying law (jurisprudence) at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for law and legal philosophy, including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

Thank you Hogan Lovells

Thanks to a generous donation from Hogan Lovells all current members of Oxford University have access to the database JustisOne.


View of the St Cross Building which is home to both the Bodleian Law Library and the Law Faculty of Oxford University 

View of the main Reading Room, which is immediately inside the entrance, from the Gallery or Floor 3. There are always members of staff available to help you find your way around the open-shelf collection, which is over four floors.

When the Law Library opened in 1964 it was among the first pieces of "modern" architecture to be built in post WW2 Oxford.
Picture credits
1 & 3  KT Bruce
2 Jerry Phillips

Reading law at Oxford: where to begin

The Bodleian Law Library is open. Note that it remains a requirement that you book your study space in advance: Readers arriving at the library without a booking will not be admitted.

The Law Library continues to offer the LibraryScan and Deliver service to current OU members. 

Above are the links to the major subscription databases for the study of English law available to holders of an Oxford SSO. (They also have collections of foreign & international materials.)

Note: For licensing reasons, most legal databases require an Oxford SSO so are not available to visiting readers.

The Law Bod subscribes to a wide range of electronic legal databases which can be used by all current full OU members with an Oxford Single Sign-On username and password (Oxford SSO).  Consequently, Oxford SSO holders have access a considerable library of legislation, law reports, law journals and e-books - from many jurisdictions & across most legal subjects - wherever they have access to the internet.

To discover the full range of subscription databases for law available to holders of an Oxford SSO, together with some reliable, freely accessible online resources, please explore the Law Bod's collection of online guides via one or more of the links below:

Law students and anyone with an interdisciplinary interest in law are supported in their legal studies and research by the Bodleian Law Library (aka the Law Bod or BLL). There is no separate Law Faculty library at Oxford.  Current Oxford members are also supported by their own (private) college libraries.

The Law Bod is in the St Cross Building Manor Rd OX1 3UR. This is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the central Bodleian area off Broad St where the original Bodleian Library (aka The Old Bod), the Radcliffe Camera, and the Weston Library (formerly the New Bodleian) are grouped.

Welcome to Alumni & Visiting Researchers
The Law Library is committed to supporting academic legal research.
Should you wish to use the Law Library please complete the formalities required to get a Bodleian Reader's Card at the Central Admissions Office on the ground floor of the Weston Library, Broad Street, before coming on to the Law Library.

Please Note: For licensing reasons, most legal databases are only available to holders of an Oxford Single Sign On

The entire collection in the Law Bod is reference only: we do not lend; no one may borrow! 

The vast majority of our collection is immediately available on open shelves. Please do ask a member of staff for more specific directions around the collection once you are in the library, it is arranged over 4 floors.
If one of the items you require has (locked) at the end of its shelf mark, please ask for assistance at the Enquiry Desk in the library or email in advance of your visit.

The  Bodleian guides below should help you make efficient use of SOLO - and understand a distinctive feature of reading in a  Legal Deposit library: electronic (or non-print) legal deposit materials.

Law students at Oxford are supported in their legal studies by their own (private) college libraries, and the University library,  the Bodleian Law Library (aka the Law Bod or BLL). There is no separate Law Faculty library at Oxford.

Other Bodleian Libraries

A number of other Bodleian libraries in Oxford can be useful for advanced legal research or when your topic is interdisciplinary. The list  below is not exhaustive: part of the joy of Oxford is discovering its libraries & their riches!

Considering Studying Law?