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Case law: online resources for common law countries: India

Indian citations

Some major report series and their abbreviations:


All India Reporter

I.L.R.  Indian Law Reports
S.C.A.L.E Supreme Court Almanac
S.C.J. Supreme Court Journal
S.C.R. Supreme Court Reports
S.C.C. Supreme Court Cases
J.T. Judgements Today

Other abbreviations you may encounter:

Subordinate Courts

District & Sessions Court (D. & S.C.)

Magistrate's Court (M.C.)

Civil Court (C.C.)

Metropolitan Magistrate's Court (M.M.C.)




(Cal.) Calcutta

(Del.) Delhi

(A.P.) Andhra Pradesh

(Ker.) Kerala

(P.& H.) Punjab & Haryana

(Guj.) Gujarat

Finding Indian cases online

New to Indian law?

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