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Case law: online resources for common law countries: Canada

Canadian citations

Neutral citations for federal courts

Court English French
Supreme Court of Canada    SCC    CSC   
Federal Court FC CF
Federal Court of Appeal    FCA CAF
Tax Court of Canada TCC CCI
Competition Tribunal of Canada Comp. Trib. Trib. conc. 
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal CHRT TCDP
Public Service Labour Relations Board PSSRB PSSRB

Fuller list, including examples of provincial courts, with examples, is available online.

Main law report series:

Case reporter    Abbreviation
Supreme Court Reports S.C.R.
Canadian Criminal Cases    C.C.C.
Canadian Criminal Reports C.C.R.
Dominion Law Reports D.L.R.
Ontario Reports O.R.
Rapports Juridiques du Quebec    R.J.Q.

Finding Canadian cases (federal and provincial)

New to Canadian law?

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