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International law courts, cases & commentary: Books

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The current collection of books is shelved on Level 3. One floor up from the entrance level.

 Topics of Public International Law


Air law

Internat 640

Atomic energy

Internat 600

Dependent states and special regimes

Internat 535

Economic law

Internat 590

European Court of Human Rights: literature

Internat 575

General and theory

Internat 500


Internat 510

Human rights

Internat 570

International crimes

Internat 580

International relations

Internat 660

Jurisdiction of states

Internat 560

Law of the sea and waterways

Internat 630


Internat 565


Internat 545


Internat 550

Social legislation and organisation

Internat 610

Space law

Internat 650

State responsibility

Internat 555

State succession

I nternat 540

The state (as a legal entity)

Internat 530

Title to territory

Internat 520

Transport and communications (except sea, air and space)

Internat 620

Treaties (theory etc.)

Internat 670



International organisations


History and general

Internat 680

General and regional political organisations

Internat 681

League of Nations: general

Internat 685

League of Nations: publications (series)

Internat 686

United Nations: general

Internat 687

United Nations: publications (series)

Internat 688

Peace and disarmament

Internat 700



International disputes and arbitration


General and theory

Internat 710

Individual arbitration tribunals: literature

Internat 740

International courts and tribunals: general

Internat 720

Permanent Court of Arbitration: literature

Internat 730

Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice: literature

Internat 725

Termination of war (including specific peace treaties)

Internat 760

War and armed conflict

Internat 750

Looking for a court's rules of procedure?

Clearly the first place to go is the official website of the court(s) you are interested in. 

For rules and commentary:

To subject  search in SOLO try the following:

[Name of the court] -- Rules and practice
For example
International court of justice -- Rules and practice

Civil procedure (International law)
Criminal procedure (International law)