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Some textbooks

Identifying New Zealand law commentary

All the Law Library's current NZ monographs are on Level 2 , part of  the sequence arranged initially by legal subject/topic rather than jurisdiction.  This subject sequence all have shelf marks beginning K.

 Not all the books on NZ law will indicate this in their titles - but in many instances the shelf mark can help! Look out for  N4 or NZL on the third line of the shelf mark.

Below is an overview of the top level of topics with the K sequence - with some NZ examples.

KB Biography, Memoirs, "popular" accounts of trials
eg KB.15.NZL.SAL 1995 Salmond : southern jurist

KC Domestic law with an International dimension
eg  KC.2028.ANG 2012 Private international law in New Zealand

KL Legal System, Administration of Justice
KL.28 is solely for works on the NZ Legal system

In most of the other KL shelf marks,  N4 in the third line is used to identify works on NZ .
eg KL221.N4.RUS 2015 a work on the Supreme Court of NZ.

KM Public Law
N4 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work on New Zealand public law.
eg KM570.N4.TOL 2007 Criminal justice in New Zealand

KN Private Law
N4in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work on New Zealand private law
eg KN.390.N4.CRO 2012 Cross on evidence

NB Those monographs which continue to have shelf marks starting Cw NZ 450 to Cw NZ 510 are in the secondary collection of superseded monographs on the Ground Floor. They remain freely accessible (via stairs or lift) to anyone who wishes to consult them.


NZResearch aggregates theses and other research from all New Zealand universities and some polytechnics, mostly from 2006 onwards. Use the advanced search function to search for keywords related to your area of interest.