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Law & Literature: Law in Literature

Depictions of lawyers in novels

Famous writers who were also lawyers or involved in law include Henry Fielding, John Donne, Francis Bacon, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, E.T.A. Hoffman, Heinrich Heine, Franz Kafka, Alexander McCall Smith, William Faulkner, and Bernhard Schlink, to name but a few.

Law in literature - general works

Literature can tell stories of the law and of lawyers, whether to entertain, educate, or make some kind of change. General surveys of where law or lawyers appear in literature are detailed below.

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Human rights  in   literature

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Novels with legal plots

There are plenty of novels that use law in their plots, a selection of which are below. There's also plenty of journal articles for further reading on these legal plot points, including such whimsically titled articles as Pride and Prejudice and Proof: Quotidian Factfinding and Rules of Evidence.