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Law journals, working papers & articles: Legal articles

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers at the University of Oxford seeking support in researching legal commentary published in law journals.

Use this guide to find out about tips and strategies for finding articles in law journals both in print and online.

Finding sources of law

Looking for a primary source of law? See if one of the Law Bod guides below could help

Using this guide and getting help

It is possible to filter your SOLO searches to just articles by using the drop down menu

SOLO does NOT understand the citation you might have in your Reading List or footnote: use elements of the article's title with perhaps the surname(s) of the author(s) as your search terms.
Do not rely on SOLO alone to find articles in law journals.
Login to Westlaw Edge UK and search its journal article library from within the database. Repeat the exercise for LexisLibrary.

However, just because you cannot find a law journal article by searching these ways doesn't necessarily mean we don't have it - just that you will need to employ another strategy!

Are you looking for an article on an Oxford Reading List? It might have been digitized and put on the Faculty VLE. See link below

Another strategy is to go to SOLO's Advanced Search screen and search for the journal - using its full title not the abbreviation used in the citation eg Criminal Law Review not Crim LR

If you would like further help, please consider having a Book a Librarian session