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Children in international and transnational law: World's children

What this guide contains

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Children in international & transnational law

Interested in the legal status, rights, and welfare of children in the UK?  Please use our special guide on children and the domestic law of the United Kingdom.

               “mankind owes to the child the best it has to give"

Printed resources

International law - both public (including human rights) and private (sometimes called conflict of laws) - are two distinct collections on Level 3 of the Bodleian Law Library.

The shelf marks corresponding shelf marks begin either Internat. or Private Int.
For example Internat 570 is where you will find works on international human rights

In private international law problems, you may need to study/compare the domestic law of different countries.
World surveys can be found in Level 2 of the Law Bod in the section with shelf marks starting General.


Electronic resources