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International law: origins & history: 1648-1815

17th & (18th century theorists

International law -- Early works to 1800

Richard Zouch(e) 1590-1661 
Samuel Freiherr von Pufendorf   1632-1694 

Bijnkershoek, Cornelis van, 1673-1743

Vattel, Emer de, 1714-1767
Martens, G. F. de/von (Georg Friedrich), 1756-1821.


  MPEPIL starting point is entry

  • 1648 to 1815, by Stephan Verosta

The Law Bod has the print copy of this encyclopedia at Internat 500 E56c, but the online version has had a number of updates since the work was printed.

Jay Treaty (Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation between Great Britain and the United States, signed at London, 19 November 1794 52 CTS 243. (1841) I BSP 984)