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Family Law: Family Law

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Family law: quick start

If you are new to the is area of law, the following may be useful starting points


For holders of an Oxford Single Sign On the encyclopedic treatment of English lawHalsbury's Laws of England (and its related services), is available online via LexisLibrary.

News & comment on free web

Printed resources

The current collection of monographs on English family law are shelved on Level 2. 

The classification system means that they have shelf marks in the range between KN170-KN176

The majority are on open shelves, but as this a taught subject some of the Reading List titles may be in the Law Reserve Collection. SOLO will indicate when this is the case: to read one of these books simply go to the Enquiry Desk with your University or Bodleian Card and ask for it.

However, for a quick, technical, cold start overview you may like to sart with  Halsbury's Laws.The print volumes are at KZ also on Level 2. Halsbury's is the encyclopaedia of English law. The main subject volumes will give you a thorough overview of the law, while the footnotes will direct you to the most important cases, legislation and commentary in that area.  Use the Cumulative Supplements & updating services to check for any developments in the law since the volume was printed. Shelved alongside are Halsbury's Statutes & Halsbury's Statutory Instruments - key tools for anyone without access to either LexisLibrary or Westlaw UK.

Bodleian Official Papers Collection

This collection is on the Ground Floor of the Bodleian Law Library. Here you will find Hansard (record of parliamentary debates) and policy papers and reports, governmental official papers.

Below are some guides which may help you mine the resources available.

Bodleian Social Science Library

SOLO searches may reveal titles in the SSL which may be useful if you are looking at the wider context of family law.

The Bodleian SSL is on the ground floor of the Manor Road Building, our near neighbour. If you have a current Oxford University or Bodleian Readers Card (blue stripe) you have access.


Example of a work in the Social Science Library