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Administrative law: Administrative law

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Administrative law in England & Wales : quick start

Both LexisLibrary and Westlaw UK will provide holders of an Oxford SSO with relevant primary sources (amended legislation & case law) and commentary, in the form of both journal articles and books written for the practising lawyer.

English Legal Encyclopedia
​Halsbury's Laws of England (in print) is on Level 2 at KZ 1

Reading List title?

As English administrative is a taught subject, the Reserve Collection has some Reading List texts such as the examples below. Just ask for these from the Enquiry Desk, Level 2.

Current, open shelf books for English administrative law are on Level 2 with the following shelf marks

Shelf browsing on Level 2

KM1 Public law generally (eg books with chapters on constitutional, criminal, tax law)
KM31 Constitutional & administrative law
KM36 Judicial review as a constitutional principle
KM300 Administrative law - general principles, comprehensive treatments
KM303 Administrative tribunals
KM303.5 Public Inquiries
KM304 Administrative procedure, natural justice
KM305 Remedies
KM306 Judicial review
Note: judicial review in particular areas of law will be shelved with that topic eg Criminal judicial review : a practioner's guide to judicial review in the criminal justice system and related areas would be at KM570.
KM307 Ombudmen -general works

Administrative monographs for some other common law jurisdictions

The third line of the shelf mark will indicate when the jurisdiction is no longer England and Wales, using the following codes: A8 Australia, C1 Canada, Ireland I5, N4 New Zealand, S3 Scotland, U4 United States.

What is administrative law?

"The law governing the discharge by individuals or bodies (including tribunals) in government or administration of functions of a public nature. In particular, it governs the review of the exercise of such functions on grounds of illegality, failure of natural justice or procedural fairness, or the unreasonable exercise of discretion. So far as administrative law is based on constitutional principles (such as those relating to fundamental rights and freedoms) it merges with constitutional law ... "
Administrative law as defined in Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law  (4th edn, 2015) KL40.JOW 2015