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Other state reports

In addition to the following series, the library holds many of the reports published in individual states prior to 1964, including many that pre-date the National Reporter System.  (Cases decided after the advent of the National Reporter System can often be found in both the relevant series of state reports and the National Reporter System.  Frequently, both citations will be given, being then described as “parallel citations”.)

State reports: National Reporter system

The National Reporter System is central to the reporting of state cases which are published in what are often described as regional reports (though the selection of states for inclusion in a particular series may sometimes seem arbitrary in relation to the name given to the supposed “region”).  Additionally, there are individual series for California and New York.

The Law Bod's print holders for these end in 2010.

All the volumes received by the Law Bod can housed in the Closed Stacks but can be ordered to the Law Library for consultation by the Hold and Request System