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Using SOLO

For help with using SOLO to search our Catalogue, please use the guide below ... And always feel welcome to ask a librarian when you are next in the Library

Identifying US commentary on the shelves

All the Law Library's current USA monographs are on Level 2 , part of  the sequence arranged initially by legal subject/topic rather than jurisdiction.  Books in this subject sequence all have shelf marks beginning K

NB Those books which continue to have shelf marks starting USA 450 to USA 510 are in the secondary collection of superseded monographs on the Ground Floor. They remain freely accessible (via stairs or lift) to anyone who wishes to consult them.

US commentary in the K (Moys) subject classification sequence

The following is an overview of the principal sections within the K (Moys) sequence - with examples of works about US law.

As these show, not all such works have "of America" or "American" or "US(A)" in their titles.The shelf mark itself can help you identify works on US law -  in most sections a U4 or USA in the third line is the signal.

KA Philosophical studies. 

eg KA.50.USA.FEL 2000  American Legal Thought from Premodernism to Postmodernism : an Intellectual Voyage 

KB Biography, Memoirs, "popular" accounts of trials (as opposed to law reports)

eg KB.15.USA.CAR has biographical accounts of the career of Benjamin Cardozo

eg KB.66.USA.BOE 2013 Congress, the Supreme Court, and Religious Liberty : the Case of City of Boerne v. Flores

KC International law

eg KC.86.BRA 2015  International Law in the U.S. Legal System

KL Legal System, Administration of Justice

KL.22 is for books on the US legal system
eg KL.22.FRI 2017  American Law : an Introduction

KL.23 plus three letter state code for books on the legal systems of individual states

KL.412 is for US legal history 
KL.413 plus three letter state code for the legal history of individual states

In most of the other KL shelf marks, U4 in the third line identifies a US-focused work.
eg KL.221.U4.GRO 2015  The U.S. Supreme Court and the Modern Common Law Approach to Judicial Decision Making

KM Public Law (constitutional & administrative law, public finance & tax law, criminal law & procedure)

U4 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work about US public law.

eg KM.300.U4.HAM 2014 Is Administrative Law Unlawful? 

KN Private Law

U4 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work about US private law

eg KN.266.U4.PAT 2017 Antitrust Law in the New Economy : Google, Yelp, LIBOR, and the Control of Information