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Trade law: GATT & WTO

Agreements & negotiating rounds

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1947(adopted 30 October 1947, entered into force 1 January 1948) 55 UNTS 187.

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (adopted 15 April 1994, entered into force 1 January 1995) 1867 UNTS 190.

For texts of subsequent agreements interpreting various articles see WTO Legal Texts link below

Meetings of member states to negotiate further developments in multilateral trade

  • Geneva Tariff Conference, 1947
  • Annecy Tariff Conference, 1949
  • Torquay Tariff Conference, 1950-51
  • Geneva Tariff Conference, 1955-56
  • Dillon Round, 1960-61
  • Kennedy Round, 1963-67
  • Tokyo Round, 1973-79
  • Uruguay Round, 1986-94
  • Doha Round, 2001-

World Trade Organization

Established in Geneva in 1995 (after the Uruguay Round negotiations (1986-94)), the World Trade Organization succeeded GATT (the organization) and now is the body which

• Administers GATT/WTO trade agreements
• Is a Forum for trade negotiations
• Handles trade disputes
• Monitors national trade policies
• Supplies Technical assistance and training for developing countries

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World Trade Organization -- Rules and practice

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