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Trade law: Cases

Sources of case law: UK


UK & EW law report series in the Bodleian Law Library are on Floor 2 and start at CW UK 100. The series are arranged alphabetically by full title.

Some English law report series which may encounter for the first time:

Citation Name Location
All ER Comm All England Reports Commercial Cw UK 120 A11c
Asp Mar Law Cas Aspinall's Maritime Cases Cw UK 120 M35
CLC CCH Commercial Law Cases Cw UK 120 C15
ITELR International Trusts & Estates Law Reports General 100 I54
LJ Law Journal Reports Cw UK 120 L40
Lloyds Rep
(Ll. L.Rep)
Lloyds Law Reports Cw UK 100 L185
Lloyds Rep IR Lloyds Law Reports Insurance & Reinsurance Cw UK 120 L187
LT Law Times Reports Cw UK 120 L171
WR Weekly Reporter Cw UK 120 W40


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