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Scotland: legal resources: Books

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Commentary on Scottish law

Scotland can be added as a subject or title keyword term to limit your SOLO search to works relating to this jurisdiction.

Printed resources

Our Scottish holding is part of the British Isles collection which has been arranged according to the Moys Legal Classification Scheme. This means that the books are now arranged first according to subject matter/legal topic - then filtered, where applicable, by the jurisdiction.

For example. Works on general contract have shelfmarks starting Law  KN10. Works specifically on Scottish contract law form a discrete subset, grouped by shelf marks starting KN10. S3

Previous editions are in the secondary collection on Floor 0 - ask a member of staff if the shelf mark ends (sec coll).

The LawBod shelves surveys of law (that is works looking at how a legal problem/legal topic etc is dealt with by various jurisdictions/legal systems) and comparative studies in the area with the shelfmark General

The document below will give you an outline of the K-KN subject arrangement

Theses & dissertations

Of course students at Scottish law schools research other jurisdictions - but it may be well worth checking individual institutional repositories for both theses and papers!
An example is the link below to ERA Edinburgh Research Archive

Institutional Writers

In the absence of legislation or judicial precedent, the writings of some authorities have been used to settle legal points.(The dates are those of the first editions)

  • James Dalrymple, Viscount Stair 1619-1695 - Institutions of the laws of Scotland (1681 - revised in 1693)

  • Professor John Erskine 1695-1768 - An institute of the law of Scotland (1773)

  • Baron David Hume 1757-1843 - Commentaries on the law of Scotland : respecting the description and punishment of crimes (1797)

  • Archibald Alison  1792-1867 - Principles of the criminal law of Scotland (1832)

  • John Hay Athole Macdonald 1836-1919 - Practical treatise of the criminal law of Scotland ()

Modern editions of these works are: