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South Africa : legal resources: Journals

Subjects: Law - Foreign Law

Finding articles on South African law

There are special tools - make use of them!

Journals published in South Africa are indexed by IFLP, see first link below.

However, South African law (particularly when there is a constitutional/human rights dimension) can be the subject of articles in journals published elsewhere. eg "Corporate governance and employees in South Africa" is in The Journal of Corporate Law Studies v. 10 no. pt2 (October 2010) p. 367-89. Therefore it is advisable to use ILP too. See second link below.

If your focus is human rights, then also try the SSCI.

Law journals & working papers

Printed Resources

Note that when a new part arrives it is first put out on the special New Journals Display in the main Reading Room for a week.

Table of current subscriptions

Acta juridica 1958-
Annual survey of South African law 1947-
De jure v.1(1975)- [incomplete]
Industrial law journal v.1(1980)-
Stellenbosch law review v.1(1990)-
South African journal on human rights v.1(1985)-
South African law journal
Tydskrif vir hedendaagse Romeins-Holandse Reg v.1 (1937)-

The LawBod also has the comparative journal

Journal of  African law v.1-    see link below if you have an Oxford Single Sign On.