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Roman law: Translations: other sources

Other sources

Leo:  Constitutions
Scott, S P     

The Civil law, v. 17 (includes a translation of the Constitutions of Leo).  1932                     

Roman 510 S429
(17 v. in 7)
Hyamsom,    H

Mosaicarum et romanarum legum collatio

(introduction, facsimile and transcription of the Berlin codex, Latin text, with parallel translation and notes).  1913
Roman 510 992
W L & Schiller,
Apokrimata: decisions of Septimius Severus on legal matters: (Greek text, translation, historical analysis and legal commentary).  1954 Roman 670 W527
Theodosian Code and Sirmondian Constitutions
Pharr, C      et al The Theodosian code and novels and the Sirmondian constitutions (translation with commentary, glossary, and bibliography). 1952 Roman 580 P536


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