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Roman law: Where to look for specific sources: Imperial Enactments - Leges regiae, plublicae

Imperial enactments

Bruns, FIRA and Girard include selections (see below).

The Codex Gregorianus, imperial statutes from the time of Hadrian (117-138 AD) – c. 291 AD, and Codex Hermogenianus, which supplements the Gregorianus, are included in t.3 of the Collectio (see below).

The Codex Theodosianus comprises Imperial statutes from the time of Constantine the Great (312 AD) to 438 AD.

Institutes (Institutiones)


Leges regiae, The Twelve Tables (Lex duodecim tabularum); other Leges publicae; Praetorian edicts; Senatus consulta; Imperial enactments collected in various codes, including the Theodosian Code which contains imperial enactments from AD 312-438; and literary sources such as the barbarian codes.