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Roman law: Where to look for specific sources: Collatio - Corpus Juris Civilis - Digest - Fragmenta Vaticana

Collation of Mosaic and Roman laws (Mosaicarum et Romanorum legum collatio) - sometimes called the "Collatio"

Includes excerpts from the imperial statutes and from the writings of the jurists. The text is included in Collectio t.3, FIRA, Girard and Huschke:

Digest or Pandects (Digesta sive Pandectae Iustiniani)

Corpus Juris Civilis

Corpus Iuris Civilis (1954) 3 volumes - Mommsen, T., Schoell and Kroll

v.1 (Ed. 15a)   Roman 550 K94aa15 (reserve collection)

v.2 (Ed. 10a)   Roman 550 K94ab10

v.3 (Ed. 5a)   Roman 550 K94ac5

(At Bodleian Law Library)

Fragmenta Vaticana

Includes both imperial enactments and abstracts from the writings of Papinian, Ulpian and Paulus. Reproduced in Collectio t.3, FIRA, Girard and Huschke: