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Roman law: Books

Key texts

New titles

Roman law print collection in the LawBod

The Roman law monographs are on Floor 2.
As Roman law is taught to undergraduates, some of the key texts on the Reading List are held in the Reserve Collection. They have shelf marks beginning KE.

The majority of  the Law Bod's Roman Law collection is on open shelves, and have shelf marks starting Roman. The books have been classified according to this in-house scheme:

Roman 500 - General

Roman 510-601 - Legal sources and literature

Roman 610 - Dictionaries

Roman 620-625 - Lay sources and literature

Roman 630 - Law of persons

Roman 635 - Law of property

Roman 640-642 - Law of obligations

Roman 645 - Law of succession

Roman 650 - Law of actions and procedure

Roman 655 - Criminal law

Roman 660 - Constitutional law

Roman 670 - Jurisitic epigraphy and papyrology, and the law of Greco-Roman Egypt

Roman 675 - Byzantine law

Roman 680 - collected and collective works and historiography

Roman 690 - Encyclopaedias and bibliographies

Post 2000 Roman law journals (Roman 300) are on Floor 1.
Pre 2000 Roman law journals (Roman 300) are on Floor 0.